5 Reasons To Choose Vinyl Exterior Shutters For Your Home

Posted on: 12 September 2023

Shutters add a decorative touch to your home, making the windows stand out and look nicer. Further, working exterior shutters can be closed to protect the windows during stormy weather or to block the sun in hot weather. There are many benefits when it comes to choosing vinyl shutters for the home. 

1. Damage Resistant

Shutters are meant to protect your windows during stormy weather, so you don't want a material that can be damaged easily. Over time, UV light and weather exposure can cause wood to weaken and become prone to cracking, warping, or rotting. Vinyl shutters aren't prone to sun or weather damage, and you will never have to worry about aging and rot.

2. Low Maintenance

Vinyl is virtually free of all maintenance. There is also no need to touch up paint or caulk cracks. Vinyl shutter care mainly consists of washing them off occasionally to remove dust, pollen, and grime. You may also need to clean and lubricate the hinges occasionally to keep the shutters in good working condition. If galvanized hardware is used, you won't need to worry about the hinges or screws rusting. 

3. Design Possibilities

You can find vinyl shutters in a range of standard sizes, so it's simple to find an option to fit nearly any window. For odd-sized windows, there is also the option of having the shutters custom-made to fit your home. Further, vinyl shutters are available in a range of designs. From fixed louvers to movable options, as well as a variety of solid designs with decorative paneling, there is sure to be a shutter design that complements the appearance of your home. 

4. Color Durability

One complaint with wooden shutters is that they must be repainted every few years, otherwise the chipped and peeling paint looks bad and makes the shutters prone to rot. Vinyl shutters never require repainting since the color is actually a permanent part of the material. Further, the color won't appreciably fade, so they will always look as good as the day they were installed. 

5. Easy Installation

One thing you don't want to overlook is the installation requirements. Vinyl shutters come equipped with all the hardware they need, so installation is as simple as putting in a few screws. There is no need to drill into the shutters to add the hardware because they are manufactured with various bolt holes and attachment points ready to go.

To learn more about exterior shutters, contact a supplier near you.