Steps To Take If Your Roof Leaks Excessively

Posted on: 27 July 2023

If you discover your roof has damage that causes water to leak into the interior of your home, you want to take fast action to have the problem repaired so you can utilize your living space as you usually do. There are steps to take as soon as you notice a roof leak to aid in the minimalization of impact on your belongings. Here is a guide to help you get through a roof leak difficulty.

Contact A Roofing Service For Immediate Assistance

If water leaks into your home because of ongoing precipitation or the melting of ice that accumulated on your roof, and you cannot repair it on your own, contact a roofing specialist in your area for help. Many roofing companies offer around-the-clock service for roof damage situations. Let the company know you require immediate help if you believe the inside of your home is at risk for damage.

Cover The Damaged Area If You Are Able

If you have access to a ladder that reaches your rooftop and you are not afraid to go on top of it, temporarily attempt to patch the affected area so less water gets inside your home. This is not a permanent solution and you still need to contact a roofing service to assess the damage and make repairs. Use a thick tarp to cover the roof so water is no longer able to make its way inside your home as easily. Secure the tarp using bricks so it does not fly away from your roof if the wind starts to become blustery. Alternately, use roofing staples or nails directly on your shingles to keep the tarp in place. These can be replaced when a roofing service comes to evaluate the damage to your roof.

Protect Your Home's Interior As Best As You Can

If you are unable to climb on your roof, it is likely you have contacted an emergency roof repair service to come to the rescue. While you await their arrival, protect the inside of your home to the best of your ability. This includes using tarps to cover furnishings and the removal of items to another location away from the immediate area underneath the breach in your rooftop. Place pails underneath any leaks if water is dripping inside. Be sure to remove the pails, dump them out, and replace them with new ones so you have ongoing protection for your carpets and other building materials inside of your home.

Reach out to a local 24/7 emergency roofing service to learn more.