Custom Wooden Deck Ideas For Small Spaces

Posted on: 18 April 2023

If you are interested in having a wooden deck installed on your home, or if you already have one in place but it doesn't seem large enough, there are several enhancements that aid in providing the illusion of additional space. Try one of these custom wooden deck ideas to expand your outdoor living space.

Using Seating Around The Perimeter 

Instead of placing large and bulky pieces of furniture on your deck after it is installed, consider having a custom-made wooden deck constructed on your home complete with seating already in place. Builders can incorporate wooden bench-like seating along the perimeter of your deck, freeing up the middle space for other items or simply for a walking area. This option also allows you to save money on furnishings as seating is already in place to use. Table surfaces can also be added if you need areas to hold your important items.

Add Storage Spots To Free Up Your Deck Area

If you do not have enough property to have a large deck installed, and you want to keep outdoor items within reach, adding storage space to your deck area is an option. Installers can build storage containers to place on your deck along the stairs, around the perimeter near the railings, or in the central area to double up as seating. Keep all items handy when you do not need them and stash them away to help make your deck appear larger. When you do need an item, open a wooden container to remove it.

Use Fewer Rails And Add More Glass

To make a wooden deck appear larger, refrain from using several wooden rails along the perimeter and instead use materials that allow you to view your property easily. Ask your deck installer to use wire rails rather than wood ones as they provide sturdiness without obstructing the view of your yard. Alternately, use glass panels along your deck's perimeter so you can view your property with nothing in the way at all.

Draw The Eyes To Many Areas 

To make a deck feel as if it has more room than it does in actuality, allow your eyes to view several pleasing aspects around you instead of gazing upon monotony. Use bursts of color with the addition of foliage, chair cushions, or pillows to break up even tones. Consider adding a flag pole or bird feeder to a corner of your deck to give you a unique viewing area. Add an overhang made of wood to hang plants or add vines.