Choose New Sod For A Damaged Lawn

Posted on: 1 August 2022

There are all sorts of different ways that a residential lawn can become damaged and require the attention of a professional. If your children and their friends have spent hours over the summer playing soccer or football on the lawn, it may have multiple bare patches. In another scenario, damage from pets or neighborhood pests can cause significant issues with your lawn. If your lawn has reached the point of being an eyesore, you should contact a local grass service company to discuss your options. Generally, the company will be able to reseed the bare areas or lay down new sod. Here are three reasons to favor new sod.

Quicker Results

A lot of homeowners favor new sod over reseeding because of the quick results that they get. Growing new grass from seed will take a long time. It may be a few weeks before these areas are as lush as the established areas of your lawn. Putting down sod, meanwhile, is a process that is quick. Depending on the size of your lawn, your local grass service company may be able to tear up the existing lawn and put down new sod in just a day or a few days. This means that you'll be looking at a fresh, new lawn in a short amount of time.

Smooth Surface

When a grass service company sends a crew to put new sod in your yard, it will perform several steps. After removing the old grass, the crew will typically rake your yard to give it a smooth surface. Over time, indented areas can emerge throughout the lawn, which isn't ideal. When the crew lays the new sod down, your lawn will be smooth and beautiful. Reseeding can add new grass to your yard, but it doesn't help with giving your yard as a whole a smoother look and feel.

Less Risk Of Problems

If you have a family, you might be worried about reseeding the lawn because of various problems that could arise. For example, even if you tell your kids to stay away from the seeded areas, they might occasionally walk across them and damage the seeds or the new growth. This type of behavior wouldn't be a problem when you put down sod, as it's suitable to walk on shortly after it's in place. To learn how to best address your damaged lawn, contact a grass service company in your area to arrange a visit.

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