Methods Of Wasp Extermination

Posted on: 30 September 2021

Wasps are usually attracted to idle nesting grounds such as gutters and eaves. Also, nectar-filled plants and garbage piles may attract wasps that are searching for food. However, having wasps inside or around your home may make it difficult for you to work or move around. That's because wasps are dangerous pests that may sting you when provoked, resulting in pain. Also, if you're allergic to wasp venom, the sting may be life-threatening. In this regard, you need to hire wasp control services. Here are a few various wasp extermination methods to consider.

Chemical Control

If you're dealing with a large wasp population, chemical control may be ideal. Wasp pest control services usually use systemic or contact chemicals that kill the wasps. You can spray or drench the nests with chemicals. Once the wasps die, the professionals remove the nest from the home to prevent another wasp infestation.

However, note that the chemicals can be toxic, hence the need for professional wasp control services. The professionals know several effective and eco-friendly chemicals to use and have protective gear to prevent chemical contact with the body. Also, professionals have the right equipment to administer the chemicals for effective wasp extermination.

Wasp Traps

A wasp trap contains a sweet liquid that attracts the wasps. Once the wasps crawl into the trap, they can't leave and then they drown. The traps come in various designs and sizes. Therefore, you can choose decorative trap designs made from glass in order to eliminate your wasp problems while improving your home's aesthetics. However, the liquid may dry out fast, especially during hot weather, or the traps may catch too many wasps. In such cases, consider replacing the traps regularly for effective wasp control outcomes.

Wasp Repellents

Wasp repellents, such as thyme and eucalyptus, can help keep wasps away from your home. Therefore, consider having strong-smelling herbs around your property. You can also apply lemon juice throughout your home to keep the wasps away.

Preventative Control

Even if you destroy the wasp nests, there's a chance of the wasps reappearing in the future. Therefore, you need to do preventative wasp control by spraying insecticides on potential wasp habitats. Also, fill any holes in your walls or ceiling and perform regular inspections of your home. An inspection helps you identify the wasps early and kill them before they have a chance to multiply.

Wasp control entails the use of chemicals, wasp traps, and wasp repellents. Also, preventative control helps prevent wasps from invading your home in the first place. Consider these wasp extermination methods to eradicate wasps from your home effectively. For more tips, contact a wasp control service near you.