Household Drinking Water Systems Block Fluoride And Other Minerals

Posted on: 16 July 2021

Fluoride toothpaste is effective for preventing cavities. The substance even reverses the early stages of tooth decay and allows the enamel to remineralize. This is also a characteristic of calcium when consumed in foods, beverages, and supplements.

Calcium often naturally occurs in tap water, and many municipalities add fluoride to the water supply. However, many people do not want this additive. Some also aren't happy about the calcium content because it causes scale buildup around plumbing fixtures. They may be interested in household drinking water systems that block fluoride and other minerals. 


Tap Filters

Homeowners can choose filters for specific taps, which is the most common setup. If fluoride is the only concern, filters could be installed under the kitchen and bathroom faucets. Now people don't consume fluoride through drinking, brushing teeth, or cooking with tap water. Showering and washing laundry with fluoridated water is not a problem. 

Whole-House Options

Another option is a system that sends purified water to all taps in the building. This may be preferable when calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals are causing problems.

Installation technicians also can install whole-house systems that bypass certain taps. Bypassing outdoor spigots is sensible, for example. Otherwise, the household spends more on replacement filters as well as salt for the softener.

Specialized Filters

Not all filters block fluoride, so customers must tell the representatives which problems they want to be resolved. One effective solution for fluoride is a specialized carbon filter. This is different from the inexpensive carbon filters available in hardware and home improvement stores. 

Replacement Schedule

Because added fluoride doesn't have a distinct flavor or aroma, the residents won't know when to change the filter by relying on those signals. They'll need to create a replacement schedule. Representatives can provide information about how long the devices typically last with a certain level of usage.

Calcium and Other Minerals

The household residents may want additional minerals removed as well. Softeners remove calcium, magnesium, iron, and other minerals common in tap water.

Like calcium, a number of dissolved minerals contribute to scale accumulation that is difficult to get off. They also decrease the effectiveness of laundry detergent, dish soap, body soap, and shampoo.  

Enjoying Purified Water

With a treatment system, household residents appreciate having pure tap water. They also can cook using fluoride-free water. Having essential nutrients in tap water is unnecessary since these substances can be obtained with a healthy diet and nutritional supplements.

For more information, contact a water system company, such as Oxley Softwater Co.