Choosing New Window Treatments

Posted on: 7 April 2021

Choosing new window treatments is always a major change to make to a room. Updating these treatments can influence the aesthetics of the interior design of the room along with having functional effects on the amount of light that is entering through the windows. In particular, window shades are a popular solution for these needs.

Choose A Rod That Is Compatible With Your Shades

While shades can provide an interior space with adequate light control as well as adding to the aesthetics of the room, they can be fairly heavy. Whenever you are upgrading your shades, you may want to consider replacing the support rod as well. Otherwise, the weight of the new shades may be too heavy for your current rod. This can lead to the shades starting to droop, and it may even result in the rod completely failing.

Be Aware Of The Benefits Of Neutral Or Light Colors For The Shades

Shades that are a dark color can be more likely to absorb heat from the sun that is striking them. It is easy to assume that darker shades will always be more effective at blocking the sun's light, but this is not the case. Rather, the effectiveness of the shades will be more influenced by the thickness and amount of space between the threading in the shades. Due to this reality, it is possible for white shades to be just as effective at blocking light as shades that are solid black or other extremely dark colors. You can further reduce the light that enters through the shade by choosing shades that are made of multiple layers. This will reduce the ability of light to pass through any small openings that may be between the threads or other parts of the shades.

Position Vents To Blow Away From The Shades

There may be HVAC vents that are located near the shades. Adjusting these vents so that they will blow away from the shades is a simple step that is often overlooked when installing these treatments. Having these vents blowing on the shades can cause them to become extremely dirty as a result of dust coming from the vents or being blown in the general direction of the shades. Making the shades dirty is not the only problem that this can cause as the air from the vent could cause the shades to start shifting positions, and this could allow unwanted light to enter the room.

For more information, contact an interior window shade supplier.