Functional Farmhouse Design Ideas To Start Building Your Rural Estate

Posted on: 13 January 2021

If you are ready to start building a rural estate, you may be thinking about the perfect farmhouse. The design can include many different features and elements, such as timber framing and rustic finishes. The following rural farmhouse design ideas will help you create the perfect country oasis for your family:

Functional Porch Designs for Farmhouses

The porch features of your farmhouse design should be functional. They can keep farmhouses cool in summer and provide outdoor space in winter. Some of the different options for farmhouse porch designs include:

  • Wrap-around porch for 360-degree views
  • Simple covered front porch design for functionality
  • Partially covered porch design with enclosed spaces

The porch of your farmhouse can also have an enclosed all seasons room. This will give you an area where you can enjoy nature and views in the comfort of your home all year.

Breezeway Details for Functional Ventilation

Breezeways are another functional feature that can be added to farmhouse designs. These are areas of the center of the home that serve several traditional purposes, including:

  • Provide ventilation in summer
  • Protect animals during severe weather
  • Provide storage space to protect materials

The breezeway can also be a great design feature to divide different areas. For example, bedrooms may be on one side and living space on the other. There are also farmhouse designs that feature living space on one side and animal stables on the other.

Artisan Woodwork Details That Enhance Exterior Designs

The details of farmhouses are also important. Traditionally, farmhouses were built from available materials. These materials were often the available wood that was used for siding and other woodwork. Therefore, you may want some artisan woodwork details for your farmhouse, including:

  • Timber architectural design accents
  • Custom exterior moldings and trim
  • Custom-built columns for porch designs
  • Batten details and friezes in siding finishes

The artisan woodwork details can also be continued with interior finishes inside your home. They can include things like cabinetry and other woodwork like trim details that match the finishes on the exterior.

Practical and Functional Layout for the Interior Floor Plan

The floorplan is another important area to consider in a practical design. If you want the main gathering spaces like the kitchen and living room to be open areas of your home, this is an area where you may want to have an open-concept living space. The floorplan can also include design features with bedrooms and interior balconies that overlook the gathering space.

The rustic features of your farmhouse design can enhance its appearance. Contact a farmhouse design service to ask about these details for your home.