Reasons To Have The Trees On Your Property Trimmed

Posted on: 16 September 2016

When many people think about hiring a tree service to do some trimming on their property, they might visualize a tree that is dead and has become a safety risk to people on the ground below. While this is certainly a good reason to hire a crew of tree professionals to take down the tree, there are many other worthwhile reasons to have a tree trimmed. In many cases, you don't have to cut the tree down entirely; instead, simply having a few branches safely removed without harming the tree can achieve your desired goal. Here are some assorted reasons to have the trees on your property trimmed.

Risk Of Damage To A Structure

A growing tree can be problematic for a wide range of structures, such as a garden shed, a fence, and most importantly, your home. If a branch has grown to the point that it is about to make contact with one of these structures, it's ideal to have the branch removed. For example, a tree's branch could easily push down a fence, causing damage and also reducing the privacy in your yard until you have the fence fixed. Likewise, a tree's branches could potentially exert pressure on your home's gutters, leading to a significant amount of damage.

Potential Harm To Your Vehicle

In some cases, you'll have one or more tree branches that hang over your driveway. While this might provide some nice shade, it could also be problematic for your vehicle. For example, many trees produce sticky sap at certain times of the year that can fall and stick to your body paint and glass. This can create a lot of work for you to remove. Likewise, if the branch is a favorite nesting spot for neighborhood birds, their droppings could constantly be covering your car. Removing this branch serves as a simple solution to this problem.

Concerns Over Security

A yard that is overgrown can prove to be a bit of a security hazard. Overgrown spaces allow potential prowlers to lurk in your yard without being seen from the house or from the street. If you're concerned about this risk, having a tree service remove some overgrown branches from your trees can make your yard feel more open and make visibility easier. When this is the case, prowlers are less likely to target your yard and home, given the higher risk of being spotted.

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