Got An Opossum In Your Yard? How To Catch It And Release It

Posted on: 25 July 2016

The opossum in your yard may look like a large rat, but it is actually related to the kangaroo and koala bear. They are approximately the size of a cat and have gray to black fur with a long, pointed pink nose. They are nocturnal, which means you will usually see them only at night. Below is some information about how to remove the opossum and how to prevent further opossums from getting into your yard.

Trap the Opossum

Trapping and removing the opossum is the best way to remove it from your yard, because you will be sure it is gone.  One type of trap is the live capture trap. Place the trap in an area where you have seen the opossum. You can find this type of trap in most pet supply stores. Follow the instructions on how to use the trap that you purchase. Attach the bait, such as kiwifruit, apple, or carrot, to the trigger. When the opossum enters the trap to get to the treat, the door will automatically close behind it. You can then take the trap a few miles away to an area where there are no homes and set the opossum free.

Keep Opossums Away

There are things you can do to keep opossums away from your home. One way is to use a repellant product. There are many repellants at pet stores, but you can use some of your own from things you may already have in your home.

Mothballs work well at repelling opossums because they do not like the smell. Scatter mothballs in areas where you have seen the opossum. Ammonia can also be used. Pour some into a coffee can and put an old rag inside the can.  The rag will soak up some of the ammonia and release the smell into the air. Opossums do not like this smell and will stay away. Place several cans in your yard where you noticed the opossum going.

Remove debris from your yard, such as unused cars, unused equipment, fallen trees, and deep leaf litter. Keep the grass cut and bushes trimmed. Keep tree branches trimmed so they do not hang over your home. Cover access areas under outbuildings, sheds, and porches. You can fill the access areas in with rocks or purchase cloth from a hardware store to block the holes. If you have any wood piles in your yard, move the pile to a shed or any tight shelter. Keep your garage, shed, etc. doors closed.

Contact a pest control company such as Greenleaf Organic Pest Management if you are not able to catch the opossum on your own.