Considering Hiring A Janitorial Service To Clean Your Law Firm Offices? Ask These Questions First

Posted on: 12 May 2016

When you own a law firm, it's natural that you might spend so much time working on your caseload and supervising staff that you don't think too much about how clean the offices are. However, because you want to impress clients and keep your employees happy, you might consider getting a janitorial service to keep things looking neat. Before making a final decision about which service to go with, be sure to inquire about the following topics first.

What Kind of Cleaning Schedule Can I Set Up?

Not only are lawyers, administrative assistants, and other staff walking around during any given business day, you might also be entertaining different clients throughout the week. Adding multiple cleaning persons to that mix might be too much and may make you seem unprofessional to clients.

It is best to ask whether cleaning staff can come after the office is closed. Since many of your lawyers may work late, it is a good idea to find out if weekends and holidays are possible cleaning times as well. Also, ask whether you will have to pay a premium for having cleaning staff present at those times.

Can I Order Particular Services Only?

Depending on the kind of budget you've set aside for janitorial services, you may not want a typical full office-cleaning package. If it financially makes sense for you, ask if you can only hire staff for certain services at certain times.

For example, you may only need to have the conference rooms cleaned before a big client shows up each month. Some of your lawyers might not need to have their offices cleaned if they are on vacation. You might not need to have offices vacuumed every week. You may save money on your overall janitorial costs by paying only for what you need.

Do I Get a Discount for Paying Upfront?

When you get an idea of what you will be charged by a janitorial service, you might seek discounts and incentives for paying for services upfront. After all, it is likely that your law firm will need ongoing cleaning and maintenance. You might offer to pay for one full year upfront in exchange for a discount of some kind.

The questions in this article will assist you in determining which janitorial service you want to clean your law firm offices. Consult a number of local janitorial services to find a suitable one right away.