Add An Outdoor Water Fountain To Beautify Your Space

Posted on: 11 March 2016

An outdoor water fountain is more than simple décor for your yard. The trickle of the water music adds a new layer of sensory experience to your garden. What's more, the play of sunlight and water makes a fountain a dynamic addition to the yard. A fountain can also serve as the focal point of a garden or be a charming find along a winding path. Use an outdoor water fountain to beautify your space.

Consider Fountain Types

One of your first considerations when buying an outdoor water fountain is where you'll put it, and this will drive the type you select. If you don't have much space, you may prefer a wall fountain for the patio.

A self-contained fountain is one of the most common types. Self-contained fountains stand alone and feature their own reservoir. This type of fountain works well for decks with more space or for existing gardens. A multi-tiered fountain is a larger version of the self-contained fountain.

The disappearing fountain features a water reservoir that's hidden underground. These fountains often look like urns, columns or millstones set on top of gravel. A disappearing fountain works well if small children or pets are an issue as there's no pond for them to fall into. Likewise, they fit into more compact spaces.

Choose the Style

In addition to types, outdoor fountains also come in numerous styles. The desired theme of your yard drives this selection. For example, if you have a modern yard, you may want a geometric fountain. Japanese fountains are naturalistic and work well in Zen gardens or other nature-based themes. Tiled and tiered fountains look beautiful as the centerpiece of a courtyard, while formal fountains with statues complement a manicured garden.

Within this consideration is the material as well. Metal fountains can either be ultra-modern or classical depending on how ornately they're cast. Ceramic fountains resemble pretty pottery but tend to lend a more casual air. Stone is the most formal material, while fiberglass can be manufactured to resemble formal stone without the cost.

Place the Fountain Well

The purpose of an outdoor water fountain is twofold. It should look beautiful while also providing water music. You may choose to tuck your fountain among the foliage or place it center stage on a clear space. A nestling water fountain is more casual, while the prominent placement lends it a formal feel. The Landscaping Network also suggests choosing a location that allows the water fountain to be seen from several locales while providing a mask for street noise.

Whether you go casual or formal in your landscaping, adding an outdoor water fountain beautifies the space.

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