Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Hanging Lanterns

Posted on: 16 September 2015

If you would like to purchase hanging lanterns but aren't sure where to start, there are some simple questions to ask yourself. Keep these in mind to make sure that you purchase the right hanging lanterns the first time and don't waste your money having to ship them back or order a second set.

1. How Heavy is My Decorating Scheme?

The first question is how heavy your decorating scheme is. If the room in which you want to install the lanterns could be described as cozy in the winter or contains a lot of large, cushioned sofas and chairs, then you have a heavier decorating style. You also likely have one if you use a darker color scheme or wall hangings. In order to fit into this decorating scheme, you want to make sure that you purchase hanging lanterns that are also heavier or else they will look strange and get lost in the room. Choose wrought-iron lanterns or other antique metal lanterns that have some weight to them in order to mesh well with the heaviness of your decorations.

If you have a room painted in pastel colors with a lot of light-colored, spindly furniture, then you have a lighter decorating scheme and will need lighter-weight lanterns. Consider purchasing paper lanterns. These lanterns shed light without bogging a room down.

2. Are My Lanterns Going to Be Outside?

If your lanterns are going to be outside, then you need to take another approach to choosing them. You want to make sure that you choose lanterns that will not be destroyed immediately by changes in temperature, wind, or rain. Lanterns that will be able to hold up well include antique metal lanterns and thicker Moroccan lanterns because both of these are made out of metal and glass.

If you are only planning to put up lanterns during the summer and take them down when the weather starts to change, you can also consider paper lanterns, but only if they are made out of a water-resistant paper.

3. Do I Want to Light Each Lantern Individually?

If you don't want to have to light each lantern individually, then you might want to consider sticking with the heavier lamps because these will be better able to hide cords and electric switches that are needed to control all of the lighting mechanisms at a central location. Paper lamps are not as capable at hiding this hardware.

For more ideas and advice, talk to a company that specializes in decorative hanging lanterns.