Sugar And Spice And Everything Twice: Designing A Little Girls Bedroom Fit For Two

Posted on: 20 August 2015

Sharing a room with a sibling is a reality in most families and has many benefits. Late night giggles, stories told, and huddling together under the covers on stormy nights make great memories.

However, sharing a room also comes with the disadvantages of never having any privacy and having to share everything. Too much togetherness can leave siblings longing for a space to call their own.

With a little creativity, you can design a bedroom fit for both of your two little princesses that will give them their independence and the private space they need.

Single beds instead of bunk beds

Bunk beds are a popular choice for kid's rooms, but they may not always be the best idea. Unless saving space is an absolute must, purchase a separate twin-sized bed for each girl.

Visit your local furniture store to shop for quality beds that are durable and kid friendly. Even little girls can be tough on furniture. Choosing high-end furniture is a wise investment when it comes to children's rooms.

Look for beds that come with a canopy made of tulle netting. A tulle canopy will give each girl a feeling of privacy and at the same time will make her feel like a princess.

Dressers and closets

If possible, convert one closet into two with each one having a separate door. You could also paint the closet door with each girl's favorite color to add a little more individuality to the room.

Each girl should have her own dresser for storing clothing. Look for matching dressers at the furniture store when you purchase the beds. Well-made dressers, which will last for years to come, are a must when it comes to children's rooms.

If your children are preschoolers, all dressers should be secured to the wall with anchors to prevent curious and climbing little girls from getting hurt.

The top of the dresser can be each girl's personal space for storing jewelry, hair care items, or things she collects.

Individual storage

Give each girl a place for her books, toys, and collectables. A small bookcase is important for storing books or video games. If space is limited, consider installing wall shelves to hold books and games instead of purchasing bookcases. Just make sure the shelves are placed low enough for little hands to reach them easily.

Each child should have her own toy box. Bookcases, toy boxes, and shelves can also be painted with each girl's favorite color to match the closet door if desired.

Go crazy with engraving

Most kids love having things engraved with their own name. Popular bedroom items to engrave include bean bag chairs, toy chests, pillows, storage baskets, and shelves. You could also purchase or make a sign with their name to hang on each closet door.

A well-designed room will provide your little girls with the perfect place to rest and play. After all, what could be better than a bedroom fit for a princess? A bedroom fit for two little princesses.