Microwave Cleaning With Natural Ingredients

Posted on: 29 July 2015

Between bubbling beans and greasy ribs, microwaves have a way of becoming so filthy they're almost too dirty to use. With repeated uses, this grime can become sticky, gummy or rock-hard, depending on the substance. If you don't keep up with your microwave maintenance, cleaning it can seem almost impossible.

Luckily, there is a solution. Before you reach for the oven cleaner, try these natural and effective cleaning methods.

The Lemon Method

This simple, easy to follow recipe involves use of only one lemon. To complete this task, chop a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl of water. Peel part of the lemon and chop up the rind into little bits. Put the rind into the water, then put the bowl in the microwave. Heat the water and lemon on high for a few minutes, giving the water a chance to boil.

Let the steam build up inside the microwave. When the microwave stops, leave the water sitting there until it's cool enough to touch (about 15 minutes). Remove the bowl (carefully, in case it's hotter than you think!) and use a rag to wipe down the inside of the  microwave. This method can give the microwave a citrus smell after cleaning and can leave the inside of the microwave sparkling white.

Vinegar Method

The lemon method should get rid of the majority of the stains on your microwave. However, if your microwave has been sitting a long time without being cleaned, it's possible that the buildup will be too intense for a single lemon to tackle on its own. On the next go-around, heat up a bowl of vinegar and water in the microwave. Again, turn the microwave on high until the water boils, then leave the water to cool down until the bowl can be removed.

This time, use a plastic scrub pad to scrub away the grease buildup on the walls of the microwave. To remove sticky stains on the inside of the door, spray down the door with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, then wipe down the door with a soft cloth until it shines.

Keeping the Microwave Clean

Once the microwave has been restored to its original state of cleanliness, the trick to keeping it clean will be in the regular upkeep. Move the paper towels to a position nearby to make it easy for your family members to cover their dishes when they use the microwave. Keep the spray bottle of vinegar and water on hand too—for on-the-spot cleaning. Alternatively, if you'd rather not deal with cleaning the microwave at all, look into house cleaning services.

Good luck maintaining your microwave! Following these tips, your appliance should be easy to keep clean.  

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