How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Garage

Posted on: 27 May 2015

Finding mice in the garage is not uncommon, but can still be a frightening experience. Not only are mice unwelcome guests in your garage, but they can also spread disease. Having them in the garage also increases the chance that they will eventually make it into your home. Here are some tips for getting rid of mice in your garage.

Find Their Hiding Places

Mice are very good at hiding and getting around while in your garage. Many times, they go undetected for a long time until you are rummaging through boxes and see one skitter across the floor. The first thing you need to do is find their hiding places, since this lets you know where to set the traps. It can also give you some insight as to how they are getting into the garage.

Look for anything made of cardboard first. Mice love cardboard boxes since they can chew threw them to get inside. Also check in your workbench, behind appliances, and inside piles of stuff, like bicycles and toys. They can make bridges and climb on just about anything, so check the rafters of your garage as well.

Set Traps

Once you have found the places you believe mice are hiding, you can set traps. When setting traps, you need to place them along the wall if possible. This is how mice often travel through the garage because they won't be seen as easily. If it is right in the middle of the garage, they can easily avoid it. However, if you can manage to set the trap along the path where they walk, you have a better chance at them being caught in it.

There are two main types of traps: spring traps and glue traps. There are pros and cons of each. With spring traps, they are very effective at killing the mice and it happens quickly. The mice won't struggle or suffer for as long since it breaks their neck fast. However, these are also dangerous for pets and children if they go into your garage. They can also be tricky to set.

The other type of trap is a glue trap. While these are less dangerous, they don't always kill the mouse. You might have to bring it to an area where you plan to set it free or kill it yourself. If you leave them in there until they die, it could take a long time since they are stuck until they starve to death. This is known as a less humane type of trap. However, if you just want to capture the mouse to set it free, this might be a good option as long as you check the traps often and can safely remove the mouse from the trap.

Avoid Using Poison

Poison used to be frequently used for mice, but it is now the less convenient way to get rid of mice in the garage. Not only is it toxic to humans and animals if they come across it, but it doesn't kill the mice right away. That mouse might go to where other mice are hiding and die there along with the others. The problem with this is it might be in a wall crevice and you won't realize it until you start smelling it a few weeks or months down the line.

You can also call a pest control company. They will investigate your garage and your home and help kill all of the mice. They will also dispose of them and give you advice for where to seal off your home and garage to prevent the mice from returning. For more information, contact a company like Eagle Pest Eliminators.