How To Fix A Dryer That Doesn't Dry Clothes Properly

Posted on: 5 May 2015

If you are having problems with your dryer actually drying your clothes, it is time to do some troubleshooting. These tips will look at the different reasons why a dryer isn't drying and what can be done about it.

Clear the Obstruction

The first possible cause for a dryer that isn't working is that there is an obstruction. When clogs or obstructions occur in the exhaust duct, it not only stops the appliance from drying your clothes, but it can also be a fire risk. You should always check the lint trap first, since this could solve the problem. If not, it is time to check the dryer vents and hoses for obstructions. When you access these vents, you can use brushes that clean out the obstructions.

Test the Moisture Sensor Bars

Your dryer might also be having problems due to the moisture sensor bars. These are metal strips that are usually located on the front of the drum near the lint outlet grill, but they can also be on the back and near the thermostat. You need to test them first to see if they are causing the drying problem. The moisture sensor bars will sense how much humidity or moisture is in the dryer when the wet clothes start heating up. This will cause the temperature of the dryer to lower. If they aren't working properly, the temperature can get too low and your clothes won't dry.

To test them, you will use a load of dry clothes and a load of damp clothes. Set the timer to "dry" and put in a load of dry clothes. If the dryer doesn't shut off after a few minutes, there is a problem with the sensor bars. Now try it with a load of wet clothes. If the dryer shuts off quickly and before the clothes are dry, then it is the sensor bars malfunctioning.

Replace the Moisture Sensor

If this is the cause, you need to replace the moisture sensor. Turn off and unplug your dryer first. Locate the moisture sensor bars and unscrew them to remove them from the housing. Make sure you don't pull too hard, as they are connected to wires. Carefully disconnect the wires by pulling on the connectors. Remove the bars and place them with new ones. Connect the wires first, then push them in the housing. Put the screws back in. Now test your dryer to see if it solved the problem.

Contact a professional like S & S Appliance Service if this doesn't solve your drying problem.