Throwing A Backyard Party: 4 Ways To Quickly And Cheaply Spruce Up Your Backyard

Posted on: 27 March 2015

An outdoor party is a wonderful way to celebrate with your friends and family, but if your backyard isn't looking its best, you may be hesitant to invite anyone over. Luckily, there are many ways you can quickly and cheaply give your backyard a makeover. Check out these four tips to transform your backyard in a snap.

Think Outside the Box for New Décor

You don't have to spend a fortune buying new furniture or décor. When it comes to designing your backyard, get creative. Look through your garage or at garage sales for items that you can refurbish into something else. For example, an old, rusty watering can becomes a rustic and unique plant pot. If you have some old tires lying around, paint them and plant something. If you don't have the time to refurbish items before the party, try looking online for inexpensive décor, such as cheap lanterns online. Even one new item can drastically change the area.

Give your Existing Outdoor Furniture a Fresh Coat

If you already have existing outdoor furniture or décor, the color may be fading or peeling. If so, give it a fresh coat of paint to make it look new again. If you are lacking color in your backyard, consider painting the furniture bright, vibrant colors, such as yellow, light blues and pinks. This pop of color contrasts perfectly with an overly green yard.  

Perform Basic Lawn Care

There's a lot of tedious work that goes into caring for your lawn, and it's easy to let it slide. Now that you're ready to throw some outdoor parties, however, it's time to get back to work. Get out there and perform basic lawn maintenance care, which includes pulling weeds, pruning overgrown/unshaped shrubs, trimming the lawn edges, raking up debris and mowing your lawn. When you do mow your lawn, never remove 1/3 of the blade length. Doing this prevents the grass from looking brown and injuring the crown.   

Add a Few Flowers

This tip goes perfectly with adding new, unique décor because you can plant flowers in so many different items. Just plant a few colorful flowers in pots and place them around your patio or deck. Petunias, pansies and geraniums are some of the most colorful and cost-effective options. Hanging planters are another smart idea because they look great, and they draw attention upward, so you can use them to distract from areas that may need more work.

You don't have to hire a landscaper or spend a fortune to drastically change your backyard. A few small changes here and there goes a long way. If you're longing to throw that backyard party, don't wait. Get started on transforming your backyard today.