Best Bets for Bargain Boxes

Posted on: 13 February 2015

You are ready to move. Maybe you've a great job lined up across country or you've found a bigger place two cities over. Perhaps you're going to settle in the suburbs and raise your family. Whatever the reason, you've probably got a moving budget that you need to adhere to and are looking for any way to stretch your moving dollars. You've found the most reliable movers you can afford, decided to do your own packing and unpacking and you've purged everything you can to keep from moving too much. So where else can you cut costs? What about your boxes?

Check online classifieds

You may be leaving town, but someone else may just have arrived and that someone may have boxes he/she needs to get rid of. For a fraction of the cost of new boxes, or maybe even for free, you can snag moving boxes from someone who is probably more than ready to get rid of them. 

Don't see any ads for boxes? No worries. You can also place an "In Search Of" ad (abbreviated ISO) offering to take moving boxes off someone's hands. 

Go to school

Schools have boxes of supplies and frozen food delivered all the time. If your children are enrolled in school, it's easy to stop by the office and ask if they wouldn't mind setting aside boxes for you. Just make sure you avoid any boxes that had fresh food in them. Those can house insects you don't want to pack with your belongings.

Utilize social media

Throw a quick message on your social media page asking if anyone has boxes you could have for your big move. If you belong to an online group, such as a local mom's club or community garage sale page, post an query there. Even if no one in your group has boxes, they may know someone who does.

Run your errands

Grocery stores, stationery stores, office supply stores and even banks get shipments every day. Stop in some of your usual haunts and ask the manager if he/she would be willing to set aside some boxes for you. You might have to make daily pick-ups to keep their box clutter to a minimum, but for free boxes, an extra few stops a day is worth it.

Ask the moving company

If you've hired movers like Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving., they may sell boxes and you could surely get a price quote for them. You may be pleasantly surprised. However, you could also head on down to your local truck rental company. It's not uncommon for people who move themselves to leave boxes in the trucks and the companies would be more than happy to get rid of them by passing them on to you.

Moving can be financially stressful. Thinking "out of the box" about your boxes might just relieve some of that stress.