Replacement Doors: 5 Common Door Styles For The Home

Posted on: 23 December 2014

Are you remodeling a room or constructing an entirely new home? If so, you may want to consider the type of door you put in the space. Your hallways, living room, office, bedroom, and bathroom all have doors—and the type of door you use can make a huge difference to the space.

It may seem like there is only one type of door, but there are actually several. Here are five of the most common types of interior doors:

1. Panel Doors

The panel door is the most common door found in homes and apartments. You can identify a panel door by its square or rectangular sectioned patterns. They can range in size, from one panel to eight or more panels. The pattern of the door may vary, too; from decorative finishes to glass insets.

If you are on a budget, the panel door is quite affordable—because of its popularity and affordable materials.

2. Flush Doors

The flush door is the most affordable style of door available. It is a single piece of wood, glass, or metal that lays flat—unlike panel doors. It is a clean and stylish door with a modern look, because of its flat surface.

3. French Doors

A French door is another nice option for the interior of the home. It is identified by its two-hinge design; in which two doors are mounted on opposite sides and the open by swinging inwards towards each other.

The French door is available in both solid and glass-panel options. Solid French doors are popular in offices and studies, while the glass variety is popular in interior-exterior doorways. The glass version is also popular in homes with a room that is "on display," such as music room or library.

4. Pocket Doors

The pocket door is a vintage style of door. It is small and is usually mounted to a rolling track overhead—or on the floor. Although handy for small spaces, they do cost a bit more. This is because there needs to be a hole in the wall for the door to slide in to.

These types of doors are most popular in small spaces with limited floor space: bathroom, closets, and even hallways.

5. Specialty Doors

If you are looking for some pizazz, consider using a specialty door. As you might expect, a specialty door can be made from any of the above options. These doors usually have a custom feature on them, such as a special paint job or trim. Specialty doors may also feature unique designs, such as curves.

These are just five common styles of doors available today. Use whatever style you feel fits the space—and your budget—best. If you are looking to replace your old doors, consult with a professional first—as the door may need to be resized to fit your space. To learn more, contact a company like Duranotic Door Inc.