3 Reasons Your Storefront Is Sending The Wrong Impression To Customers

Posted on: 18 December 2014

When you are in the business of sales, the impressions that you make on your customers is vital to your success. This is especially true in a commercial setting where there is an actual storefront to be concerned about. The wrong impression can actually deter customers from wanting to be involved with your business or even visiting at all. Unfortunately, many business owners do this without knowing they have done anything wrong at all. Here are three reasons your storefront may be sending the wrong impression to potential customers.

Broken Windows

If your store has windows that are broken or cracked, you may see customers just keep on traveling by without stopping. It is not because they have a fear of broken glass, but because they may get the idea that your store is not secure. Broken windows often suggest that a store has had issues with break-ins and even if you have, customers should not be reminded of this breach in store security. Make sure you tend to commercial window repair right away (such as from Ken Caryl Glass, Inc.) and never choose to simply cover a broken glass window or try and tape a crack together for an extended period of time.

Outdated Signage

That old sign that has advertised your store for the last 20 years may still do its job of boasting the name of the store to the world, but if it is outdated, you are telling your customers that your place of business is outdated as well. Consumers tend to associate an old sign with a store that is not offering anything they have not already seen before. Therefore, make sure your sign is up-to-date and offers visual appeal.

Trashy Parking Area

In your eyes, a little litter may not be that big of a deal. It may not matter to you that there are weeds sprouting up around the perimeter of your parking area. The people who witness your store for the first time will most likely see things a little differently. A parking lot that is littered or unattended may give the impression that you are not a very tentative business, which is not a good message to send if you want people to stop at your store to shop.

It is easy to assume that the most important interaction you have with a consumer occurs once they enter your store. While it is true that this is a crucial area for consumer-to-store relations, if you do not make the best impression at first sight, chances are you will never get the opportunity to be proactive about making customers happy. Therefore, the appearance of the exterior of your store is extremely important and should be treated as such.